Oil 19

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Oil 19

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Oil 19 is pure natural oil of Osaka -a water plant with white flowers- very abundant in tropical parts of Africa.
In traditional medicine this plant was widely used in dealing with fever, skin disease, cancer, gonorrhoea and bronchitis.
There are 9 known amino acids in Oil 19 (alanine, tyrosine, phenyl alanine, valine, arginine, leucine, D and L-isoleucine and aspartic acid) and 2 alkanoic
acids in the form of butanoic acid and her i-hydroxyl isomer.
Apart from this it consists of dipeptide (serine-arginine) and a rare component called 2-amino-7 methyl octanoic acid which was isolated from Osaka.

  • Main ingredient: Osaka (Nymphaeaceae lotus linn)

  • Form: Liquid

  • Usage: take 3 drops in 1 dcl of warm water 3 x a day, 15 min before mealtime

  • Quantity: 5 ml

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