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Pitanja ikonica Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, he is. He even has an additional diploma in Integrative Medicine.

At UNITIC Business Center, Fra AnđelaZvizdovica 1 in Sarajevo, or at our offices in Mostar, Banja Luka or Tuzla.

You can make an appointment at this number: +387 33 296 313

In the rest of Europe, the Far East and in North America, in the past decade, Integrative medicine represents a modern and more popular type of medical science, for example figures of the American Institute of Health in 2005 show that the number of visits to a doctor that practices Integrative Medicine have gone up over the number of visits to a doctor in primary health care.

Integrative Medicine is a type of medicine that defines health as a state in which the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual state is in complete balance, which enables a person to normally enjoy life, which is visibly different in terms of the definition of conventional medicine which looks at health as the absence of disease. However the thing that distinguishes integrative medicine from conventional medicine is the accent on prevention and maintaining health.

Thermoregulation™ is the science of heating and cooling the organism. Our body constantly burns calories as a result of that burning, heat is created. This process can be altered within inner or outer changes. Deviation of bodily temperature from what is normal gives us a precise indication that all processes in the body are either functioning good or are not functioning well. This is similar to every process dependent on heat.

Why is Thermoregulation™ successful?

  • first of all we need to understand that to make the organism function optimally we need to be in a constant state of perfect balance
  • to always be balanced organs and glands play an important role
  • organs and glands need adequate intake of nutritious matter to work accordingly
  • if balance inside the organism is disrupted an organism will show symptoms
  • these symptoms are indicators of disease caused by metabolic misbalance
  • when the natural resistance (caused by disorder of balance) of an organism is disrupted, the temperature of the body will rise or fall. The difference in the temperature in the body shows the cause of symptoms.
  • because our body is a living organism, it will recognize and accept minerals and other components made by organic material. Inorganic substances will not be accepted by the organism, what is more they will cause side effects.


Measuring the temperature of the body at certain spots, it is possible to know which nutritious substances are missing and what is making the misbalance which results in symptoms. Introducing nutritious matter in the shape of nanotechnology with oils, the body’s balance as well as its natural immunity is renewed, letting the body fight against the cause and heal itself naturally and on a long term basis.

With a specialized analyzer a complete diagnosis is made that is, complete tests of the state of your organism.
The specialized analyzer has five sensors which are put at certain points on the body to measure the temperature of the body with the Thermoregulation method. The points are as follows: two sensors on the neck, two sensors under the armpits, one sensor in the naval. The examination lasts 3 minutes at which time the patient stays silent. After 3 minutes the test results are printed with 131 metabolic parameters of the patient. What is most important is that the method is painless, does not require blood testing, safe and harmless for everyone including pregnant women.
The examination can even be done on children aged 10 and older.

We treat our patients with cold-pressed 100% natural oils processed by nanotechnology. This is a completely new method on the market.

Because they are processed with nanotechnology the cell recognizes it and absorbs it inside. To make the absorption easier they should be taken 15 minutes before mealtime.

High and low blood pressure, thyroid problems, headaches and migraines, acne, all stomach problems and intestine diseases, heart problems and cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, stress, liver (pancreas) and kidney problems and diseases, allergies, anemia, ischemia, type 1 and 2 diabetes, prostate problems, high cholesterol and other fats, low HDL, lymph blockage, weight issues, circulation problems, lung problems and diseases, paradenthosis, yeast infections, sports injuries, low energy, Candida problems, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cellulite problems.

They are also effective in improving the overall health condition in cases of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, Epilepsy, depression, and all types of cancer.

Planet of Health BH Ltd. is a licensed company of the Planet of Health Slovenia brand name founded in 1998 with a number of offices in the European Union.

The owner of Planet of Health BH is Dr. Kenan Vrca. He has studied the methods of Integrative Medicine since 2009 and has been making diagnosis and giving therapy to patients since July 2014.

Yes they can and usually it this is done by patients who have already had an examtion prior to that. For new patients it is best to make an examination so that the state of their metabolism can checked.

The examination is 60 BAM and it is important to stress that it takes 3 minutes and what is included in the price is the consultation with our medical staff.

Oil prices range from 40 BAM to 75 BAM.