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Schedule your appoitment 24/7

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Planet of Health BH Medical services

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Diagnostics and therapy all in one place!

Planet of Health BH – Our mission is to personalise diagnostics and therapy through each and every patient no matter the illness, condition or problem they are dealing with. We aim to better the quality of life for people who want to avoid medical issues of any kind and better their psychological and physical state.

Planet of Health BH works in a branch of medicine named Integrative Medicine, in particular Thermoregulation™, as one of the methods of Integrative Medicine.

The care services Planet of Health BH provides are diagnostics and therapy.

With our diagnostics we measure your temperature on specific parts of your body with a highly specialised analyser. The analyser makes complete tests of the state of your metabolism (it includes more than 131 biochemical, chemodynamic and immunological parameters). It only takes 3 minutes to analyse your metabolism and is pain-free, does not require blood tests, it is safe and harmless for everyone.

With our therapy we thrive to maintain your bodily temperature, that is to balance it. The therapy recommended by our medical staff is at three levels:

  • Advice on a healthy diet

  • Treatment of the Lymphatic System

  • Suggestions on consuming our products which are 100% natural, cold-pressed, nanotechnologically derived which means they feed your cells directly after consuming them they absorb into the cell membrane unlike other oils on the market.